ImageMaker Disc Publishing Software Suite

Microtech’s proprietary ImageMaker Software 5.x Suite is simply the best on the market. We have considered every need from custom network publishers to one-to-many duplicators and incorporated it into the easiest to use software available.

Utilizing the ImageMaker Software, Microtech customers can quickly produce replication quality CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Work from the machine, work over the network, or even work from home. Create your own disc artwork or print from pre-existing high quality artwork. Put a unique serial number on any disc. Build our software into your existing enterprise solution. The possibilities are endless.

Components of the ImageMaker 5.x Suite:

  • MyDisc 5.x
  • DiscPrint 5.x
  • Media Remote
  • Utilities
  • Integration Methods
  • API’s

Obtain PDF of Product Datasheet here:

Click the Datasheet Thumbnail to the right to download the PDF datasheet with complete details, including:

  • System Configurations
  • Model Specifications
  • Performance Features
  • Printer Technology Options
  • Warranty Policies