Compatibility – Companies have lots of excuses why the product that you bought from them can no longer be repaired, leaving you with the only option to buy something new. We’ve eliminated those excuses from our products.

Our modular design not only makes it simple to service our systems in the field, but our systems are not tied to any particular disc printer. This means that in addition to being able take advantage of all the different available print technologies (Inkjet, Thermal, Retransfer) on one system, if a printer can no longer be repaired, it is likely that a different model is supported.

If your disc printer is broken, call us and see if we can fix it. If you’re already a Microtech customer, you still have options other than discarding your entire disc publishing system.

Microtech is the premier leader in disc publishing solutions. When you are ready to upgrade to the quality and performance of a Microtech system, contact us by email, call us at 800-223-3693, or complete our contact form. If you already have a publisher, you might be eligible to take advantage of one of our trade-in rebates.

Disc Printers


Microtech repairs disc printers including but not limited to Rimage CDPR Prism printers. All company and/or product names may be trade names, trademarks and/or registered trademarks of the respective owners with which they are associated.