“One-Stop-Shop” Packaged Media and Printing Supplies for Microtech Customers

BELMONT, CA – October 16, 2006 – Microtech Systems, a world leading developer of CD/DVD/BD media publication technology, today announced the launch of their Microtech Media Solutions, providing Microtech approved media and media printing supplies, compiled in formats and quantities specifically for users of Microtech duplication/publication solutions. Microtech Media Solutions incorporate leading quality recording media from TDK.

Microtech Media Solutions are designed and packaged to support specific publication installations, enabling the appropriate amount of Microtech approved media to printing supplies in quantities tailored to customer products and usage. Supported media is continuously tested to ensure quality, performance and compatibility with Microtech systems and includes CDs at speeds up to 52x and DVDs with speeds up to 16x. Blu-ray media will also be offered at a future date. Each media type will include printable surfaces to support either the K2 retransfer thermal printer, XpressJet II inkjet printer and the PR13 printer.

“We are very pleased to offer these solutions to our customers and providing a higher level of service and support to ensure their success,” stated Corwin Nichols, Founder and President of Microtech Systems. “Microtech’s commitment to end user support has become one of our key differentiators in the marketplace.”

“We’re delighted that Microtech selected TDK optical recording media for its Media Solutions,” commented Lou Magarelli, TDK Vice President of Marketing. “Using high quality recording media is absolutely essential to ensuring optimal performance. By providing TDK recording media to its customers, Microtech is demonstrating a commitment to quality.”

About Microtech Systems

Microtech is a world leader in robotic CD and DVD disc production systems; driving the growth and sustainability of in-house disc production. Microtech’s automated publishing systems enable companies to produce on-demand CDs and DVDs with customized digital content, saving valuable human resources thus improving a business’ bottom line. Microtech products meet the needs of small and large business around the world. For more information contact:

Microtech Systems Sales & Marketing

About TDK

TDK Corporation (NYSE: TDK) is a leading global electronics company based in Japan. It was established in 1935 to commercialize “ferrite,” a key material in electronics and magnetics. The company today is a leader in the development of next-generation technologies such as Blu-ray Disc recording media, an optical disc ideally suited for high-definition video recording. TDK offers a full line of recordable DVD and CD media, digital camcorder tapes, professional data storage solutions including LTO Ultrium media, and much more.

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