MasterMaker & ImageMaker Disc Publishing Software Suite

Microtech’s proprietary ImageMaker Software 5.x Suite is simply the best on the market. We have considered every need from custom network publishers to one-to-many duplicators and incorporated it into the easiest to use software available.

Utilizing the ImageMaker Software, Microtech customers can quickly produce replication quality CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Work from the machine, work over the network, or even work from home. Create your own disc artwork or print from pre-existing high quality artwork. Put a unique serial number on any disc. Build our software into your existing enterprise solution. The possibilities are endless.

The functionality of MMaker or MasterMaker have all been incorporated into the ImageMaker Suite.



Components of the ImageMaker 5.x Suite:

  • MyDisc 5.x
  • DiscPrint 5.x
  • Media Remote
  • Utilities
  • Integration Methods
  • API’s

Obtain PDF of Product Datasheet here:

Click the Datasheet Thumbnail to the right to download the PDF datasheet with complete details, including:

  • System Configurations
  • Model Specifications
  • Performance Features
  • Printer Technology Options
  • Warranty Policies