Xpress XE = Solution Well Suited for Medical

A great prognosis

Healthcare organizations are faced with escalating costs, growing organizations and strict government regulations. All of this makes it an extremely challenging environment for CD and DVD publishing, and an ideal place to utilize a Microtech solution.

Microtech is proud to have served the following leading healthcare organizations
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Abbot Laboratories
  • Eclypsys
  • Incyte Pharmaceutical
  • Siemens Medica

You’re facing some unique challenges. From PACS to overall management of Records of Information (ROI) – including mandates to have patient records available on-demand, makes for a challenging and dynamic publication environment.

Keeping it simple means keeping it effective. There is a very simple mandate of integrating any technology into a healthcare environment – it needs to work. Period. With a Microtech solution you’ll get just that. Your Microtech solution acts just like a network printer, simple, accessible, and easy for staff members to produce consistent quality results.