Meet the leadership of the inspiration.

Microtech’s evolution and growth is a direct result of the diverse skills and talents of our experienced management team.  In our fast growing industry, the staff at Microtech are committed to providing our customers with the innovative and efficient solutions they’ve come to expect.

Corwin Nichols, Founder & CEO

Corwin Nichols, Founder & CEO of MicrotechCorwin Nichols, Founder and President of Microtech Systems, is the visionary behind the product development and the evolutionary growth of the company over the past twenty-five years. management

Nichols’ earliest computer experience was in the banking industry in 1970. There, he gained valuable experience with a broad range of mainframe systems. In California in the mid-70’s, Nichols worked in the integrated circuit test industry eventually starting his own consulting firm providing services to IC testing labs in Silicon Valley.

Later, after writing the original Reformatter diskette conversion program, Nichols joined with his original business partner and Microtech was incorporated in 1980. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mike Fallavollita, Ph.D, VP of R&D

Mike Fallavollita, Ph.D, VP of R&DDr. Michael Fallavollita, Vice President of Research and Development, has been with Microtech since 1988. He earned his Ph.D. in Aeronautical and Astronomical Engineering at Stanford in 1990 and is – quite literally – the company’s resident rocket scientist.

Dr. Mike has a broad knowledge of computer systems; from multi-processor supercomputers to desktop PC’s. His extensive experience with tape, CD-ROM, CD-R, DVD-R and Blu-ray Disc devices, including – and by no means limited to – formats and standards, uniquely qualifies him in the media duplication/publication industry.