Service Bureau

Xpress XL = Solution Well Suited for Service Bureaus

Just in time, every time.

As the demand grows for your CD and DVD duplication and publishing services, so does the demand for cost-effective, scalable and high quality solutions and results. And that’s where Microtech comes in.

Microtech is proud to have provided solutions to these leading service bureaus:
  • Deluxe
  • Modus Media
  • Spinergy
  • Applied Data Processing
  • First Data Corp

Oh yes, and they need it yesterday. A service bureau is just that – an organization committed to differentiated service. And that’s where a Microtech solution comes in. Microtech purpose builds it systems to thrive in the rigors of the very unique service bureau environment.

We’ve provided systems to organizations just like yours. Microtech is proud to be working in the most demanding of service bureau environments. By providing extremely fast, flexible and scalable systems, Microtech is the perfect solution for today’s demanding publishing and duplication opportunity.