Xpress XL = Solution Well Suited for Entertainment

Welcome to the world of Show-me Business.

It’s a demanding world where good isn’t good enough and you barely have the chance to make a first impression. This is a world where a Microtech system – producing consistent, high quality results – absolutely thrives.

Microtech is proud to have provided solutions to these leading entertainment companies
  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney
  • Electronic Arts
  • Amazon.com
  • Premiere Radio Network

These days, it seems like everything is on-demand. DVD Publication in the world of entertainment can mean a lot of things. High quality dupes for screenings, JIT circulation for internal reviews, in-house testing and archival – even on-demand video and software deployment.

The image starts before the DVD is played. Let’s face it, first impressions last. Which is why leading entertainment organizations count on Microtech to produce consistent results of the highest caliber. Lots of diverse uses, but just 2 fundamental mandates – it has to work, and it has to look great.