Microtech License Transfer Policy

All Microtech systems include drive licensing agreements on the original purchase of all Microtech CD/DVD/BD publishing and duplication systems. This license is the property of Microtech systems and is issued for use for the original end user of these systems.

These license fees are not transferable. In the event the original end user transfers ownership of the hardware, the new owners will be required to re-license the Microtech software per the schedule below.

Microtech License Fees per system license = $1000.00

Once the license is paid in full, Microtech will register the product under the new end users name. This will entitle the new end user to have access to Microtech telephone support. In the event that the new owners do not re-license the product, Microtech reserves the right to decline service and support to the new owner. The new owner will be instructed to refer back to the original owner or reseller for service.

In the event that the new end user requires service and the license fees are paid, all repair service will be performed on a time and materials basis. In order for Microtech to cover the system under a service agreement the system would need to be sent to Microtech’s manufacturing facility at 1164 Triton Drive, Foster City, CA. 94404, for a evaluation of the system. There is a $500.00 charge for this evaluation. Shipment to and from Microtech will be at the customers expense. Components that need to be replaced, as determined by an authorized Microtech factory technician, will need to be purchased by the new owner at the current list price applicable at that time, according to Microtech terms and conditions.

For further questions or to arrange for payment of license fees and/or arrange an evaluation of a re-purchased system, please contact Microtech at 800-223-3693 to talk to the appropriate regional account manager.