Upgrade to Microtech

We are constantly upgrading people from our competitors’ products to Microtech systems.  These are the reasons why they come to us and why you might too.


CD Designer Surveillance Publisher 2000 Autostar 6200N Professional QuickDisc 8100N Desktop 360i Copy Protection Blu-ray Recordable Prostar Endeavor DVD Client API Primera Cougar 6600 Producer PrismPlus! Qumu 3400 MF Digital Network Publisher 6100N Rimage Liberty 8200N DLN Optical Medical Imaging Digital Distribution Disc Authoring KVM Scribe 9000 Amigo Optical 7100 2000i Disc Disc Forensics Copy Station Surveillance Video Storage BTW 5410N DiscLab CD DTP Video Synopsis BD BD Data Archiving Evidence Disc DVD R-Quest 480i 3410 5400N Qumu Protege NS4500 Blu-ray NS2100 Evidence Offload Rimage Autoprinter 7200N DiscFlow Recordable OfficeNET 8100 Vinpower Digital 7100N 5100N Everest Surveillance Archiver Disc 600 5300N Rapid API Prism 6100 EMR CD


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