A prime consideration with businesses is looking for ways to reduce costs while increasing efficiencies. One often overlooked way to see a great return on investment is to buy into any of a number of automated disc publishing systems.  Small businesses to large corporations can produce their own professional grade optical discs with these easy to use and manage systems readily available on the market.Professional grade automated disc publishing systems are ideal for small, medium and large businesses including:

    • Government and military
    • Medical records and imaging systems
    • Banking and insurance
    • Any business that backs up or archives data
    • High Definition video
    • Digital post production houses

While these automated disc publishing systems are full of features that can benefit almost any business, look for these features in the model you purchase:

Multi-format burning:
Ensure the model has the ability to burn to CD, DVD and Blu-ray. Each format of disc has benefits and you want to be able to take advantage of the right medium for the right job. CDs are very inexpensive and usable on any computer with a CD drive, but they are limited to 700 MB of information. DVDs hold much more information and can be read on most computers; they store up to 4.7 gigabytes of files. Finally, make sure your publishing system can use Blu-ray. Blu-ray is used to present High Definition movies but can also store up to 25 gigabytes of information.

Fully automated:
There are a number of consumer grade systems on the market that can copy discs, however these systems can defeat the cost benefits if someone must constantly load and move discs during the copy process. An automated system, often with robot arms, can completely handle all of the processes in multiple disc printing. Simply load the job, set the parameters and the system takes care of the rest!

Graphic Printing:
Labeling the discs can be another time-consuming job and one that leaves room for human error. Automated disc publishing systems should incorporate printing on each disc without human intervention.

Large-scale duplication:
Many duplication systems have the ability to run a series of discs as a duplicator, but the best return on investment is with using a duplicator with the ability to run up to 800 discs all on its own. Even the most advanced system takes time and many companies set large disc duplication jobs to run overnight while the staff is out of the office. Your system should be able to run a very large job with no intervention.

Whether you are duplicating audio, video, movies, software, photos or backing up data for archive, the investment in automated disc publishing systems is one you should consider for storing or distributing content.

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