Choosing a CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc™ printing method is one of the biggest factors in producing your own optical disc product.  There are a range of options each with benefits for image quality or economical running costs.

Xpression Thermal
Black monochrome prints that are durable and waterproof.    The printer utilizes low cost ribbon supplies and shiny silver discs.  This is the most economical solution and great for basic professional discs that do not require color artwork.

disc printer xpression

K2 Color Thermal
K2 is the highest quality color print solution for CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc™ media.  This is a color thermal printer which produces permanent, photo realistic, waterproof labels.

disc printer-thermal-K2

Xstreamjet or XJET Inkjet Printers
Photo quality inkjet printers providing excellent image quality and water resistance with premium media surfaces.  Cost of inks range from as low as $.03 with a Microtech continuous ink system to $.22 using individual ink cartridges.

ImageAligner is a unique solution for consistent branding.  This method utilizes pre-printed CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc™ media.  Color artwork is prepared at the factory.  Overprinting of the title and other identifiers are applied to the media with the Xpression or K2 thermal printers.

disc printer pre printed

Microtech disc publishers support four uniquely different direct to disc printing methods.  Each technique has its own special benefit for optical disc delivery requirements.  Take a look at disc publishers equipped with this printing technology.

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