If you demand high quality indelible printing on CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray Discs™, a Thermal Disc Printer is your best option.  Thermal disc printers are designed to produce photo-quality images directly on your discs in high volume quantities.  The question is, what is the ideal printer ribbon for your specific requirements?  Let’s take a look at the options available.

Thermal Printers on the Market Today

Although there are several thermal printers available on the market today, we will be focusing on the pioneer of thermal printers, the TEAC P-55, also known as the K2 Thermal Disc Printer when installed on a Microtech Automated Disc Publishing and Duplication System. TEAC’s thermal printer is the only dye-sublimation printer that allows for the highest resolution and most vibrant colors.  Dye-sublimation is a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto a medium.  While the printing process is interesting, selecting the proper ribbon is key to achieving your desired print quality.

Watch the TEAC P-55 in action!

Your Eco-friendly options

TEAC offers several Ribbon types including a monochrome Black, Color, and Photo ribbon for their thermal disc printers. TEAC also offers a special ribbon called the VersaMax for ultimate compatibility with a variety of printing surfaces.

The P-55 can utilize a Black Ribbon for printing text and line art. This monochrome Black Ribbon is good for a whopping 2,000 prints before it needs replacement!

TEAC’s Color Ribbon uses a CMYK panel configuration and is ideal for consistent, stable colors with little to no variation. The color ribbon is perfect for matching colors on a company logo or style guide.  At 500 prints per ribbon, it’s a good balance between price and utility.

If you are looking for the most outstanding resolution, the Photo Ribbon is for you.  The Photo Ribbon has a 500 print capacity and although it has a higher price, it is a great value!

Finally, TEAC’s pride and joy, the VersaMax Ribbon.  The VersaMax Ribbon is unique to the P-55 and utilizes a special adhesive panel instead of the all black panel. With the VersaMax Ribbon, you have the ability to print on nearly any printable surface. TEAC claims the VersaMax allows for color printing on inkjet and even silver-top media in addition to standard thermal-printable media.  This particular ribbon only prints in a “process black” which is the layering of the other three panels instead of a “true black” which uses a dedicated panel.  VersaMax ribbons also have a capacity of 500 prints per ribbon.

While there are several printer ribbon types available, it is important you assess your requirements and select the proper ribbon for the job at hand.  While all the TEAC ribbons produce outstanding quality prints, the balance between quality and price will be your decision.  The TEAC P-55  can be outfitted on a variety of disc publishers or disc duplicators, or can be used as a stand alone unit.

Check out systems that are equipped with the TEAC P-55.

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