Faith Based disc publishing

On January 6th, 2012, posted in: Blog Post by 0 Comment

Churches and large faith based organizations have embraced digital technology for years as a fast and cost effective means of distributing their rich library of content for their worshippers on a daily and weekly basis. These organizations are creating professional quality CDs & DVDs for recordings of sermons, lectures and guest presentations. Music content from choir to Christmas programs, church and worshipper photos & videos and a variety of other materials including training and religious educational materials are also popular items.

They are using the power of Microtech Automated Disc Publishing Systems to produce content overnight or the high speed Automated Disc Duplicators and fast printing for short runs on the spot. Traditionally this content has been delivered on disc using a manual process of duplicating towers and stand alone printers, however the inspirational market has seen the light in automation. By automating their production efforts they are able to eliminate the need for human intervention to more efficiently allocate their resources and deliver their content in a timely manner.

Although web based delivery has gained recent popularity, there is no doubt that a physical media is still desirable. Other faith based organizations are even distributing radio broadcasts worldwide where internet access is spotty or non-existent. More on that application later…

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