Providing Professional Digital Publication Solutions with Complete Copy Protection Technology

BELMONT, CA – March 20, 2007 – Microtech Systems, a world leading developer of CD/DVD/BD media publication technology, today announced a new strategic partnership with HexaLock, a leading CD copy protection and digital rights application provider. The new relationship enables Microtech automated digital media publishing solutions to provide copy protection to CD media produced by its systems with HexaLock version 4.5 and CD-RX media, a new recordable disc format developed by HexaLock.

Primarily focusing on CD media centric industries such as gaming, software, healthcare and finance, HexaLock Solutions target any industry or market where sensitive digital information is stored, duplicated and distributed on CD media. Microtech automated solutions enable the production, distribution, storage and offline management of digital information such as images, video, audio, documents and mission-critical data on CD, DVD or Blu-ray media for duplication, publication and long-term storage.

“Microtech’s commitment to digital privacy and data protection enabled our support of a complete solution for digital publication and security,” commented John Stevens, VP of Business Development at HexaLock. “We’re very excited to work with Microtech to provide this state-of-the-art solution addressing our customer’s key concerns of risk avoidance and privacy.”

“Providing high performance solutions with added protection and privacy utilities at a cost-effective price point is a key benefit for our customers,” stated Corwin Nichols, Founder and President of Microtech Systems. “Data protection and privacy is a growing concern, and ultimately a requirement of regulatory agencies in industries such as healthcare and finance. Our solutions provide peace-of-mind to end users and their customers.”

Microtech digital media publishing solutions with HexaLock Copy Protection version 4.5 are currently available through Microtech’s channel of distributors and resellers. HexaLock CD-RX media, also supported by Microtech, is available from HexaLock. Availability and pricing can be obtained by calling Microtech at 800.223.3693.

About HexaLock, Ltd.

HexaLock develops and markets copy protection and digital rights management solutions worldwide. Headquartered in Shefayim, Israel, HexaLock opened its US offices in 2001. HexaLock CD Copy Protection, Version 4.5, released in April 2006, offers protection for both CD-ROMs and HexaLock CD-RX media. This innovative solution for intellectual property protection offers content owners new and highly effective options to address their digital asset management and security requirements. For more information visit:

About Microtech Systems

Microtech is a world leader in robotic CD/DVD/BD disc production systems; driving the growth and sustainability of in-house disc production. Microtech’s automated publishing systems enable companies to produce on-demand CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray media with customized digital content, saving valuable human resources thus improving a business’ bottom line. Microtech products meet the needs of small and large business around the world. For more information contact:

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