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BELMONT, CA – March 4, 2009 – Microtech Systems today announced increased capacity and special pricing on its popular Blu-ray publishing systems. Microtech is now shipping 8x speed Blu-ray recorders, effectively doubling the throughput capacity of 4x speed systems. Microtech’s Xpress XL automated solutions are designed to produce the largest volumes of professional CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs with customized digital content and direct-to-disc printed labels.

The Xpress XL Blu-ray solution offers an industry leading 12 recorders and two label printers for the highest possible yield and performance from a single production system. The XL features an 800-disc capacity, with a corresponding fully-loaded digital production output of 20 TB.

Microtech has been shipping Blu-ray systems since early 2006. Their software suite has comprehensive support for Blu-ray, including the ability to span data across multiple Blu-ray discs for archival. All Blu-ray systems from Microtech have compatible support for CD and DVD publishing.

About Microtech

Established in 1980, Microtech Systems is a pioneer in the development of automated digital content storage. Microtech is a manufacturer and global supplier of robotic CD/DVD/HD & Blu-ray on demand fulfillment systems. For more information visit:

Microtech Systems Sales & Marketing

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