Providing Enterprise Media Production Solutions for Digital Video Conversion Appliactions

BELMONT, CA – August 22, 2006 – Microtech Systems, a world leading developer of CD/DVD/BD media publication technology, today announced a new partnership with Digital Media Applications (DMA), a leading provider of video conversion authoring solutions and the new RocketDVD Professional software application. Together with Microtech’s high-performance media production platform, Xpress SeriesTM, DMA solutions will enable digital video conversion applications with an automated process for capture, duplication and distribution and the largest production volume of professional CDs, DVDs and BDs (Blu-ray Disc) with customized direct-to-disc printed labels.

Incorporating key support for Microtech production solutions, DMA’s RocketDVD Professional is the first DVD Authoring system to incorporate high level DVD authoring functions in a fully automated solution for DVD creation and duplication. RocketDVD Professional provides a set of advanced automated features, including Real Time Video and Audio capture, DVD format creation, DVD menu creation and DVD package printing.

Microtech’s Xpress Series solutions, including the XL, XP, XE, XD, 2400 and AutoPrinter are the new standard in performance and capacity offering the highest possible yield and performance from a single production system. The Xpress XL features an 800-disc capacity, with a corresponding fully-loaded digital production output of 20TB, ideal for the enterprise digital video conversion market. Xpress XP is a scalable solution featuring a 600-disc capacity and a choice of Inkjet or Thermal Printer. Other models, such as the XE and XD, are designed for various production, capacity and organizational demands.

“We are very excited about a strategic partnership with Microtech,” stated Dave Bernhardsen President of Digital Media Applications. “Microtech brings several key attributes to the relationship, including superior support, a strong channel program and enterprise class production capabilities with their Blu-ray line.”

Microtech is the industry-leading provider of professional media publishing solutions used by organizations worldwide to produce customized “on-demand” digital content. Microtech solutions integrate automation, software and direct-to-disc label printing technology into complete publishing solutions for a myriad of business applications, including digital video conversion, broadcast, imaging, financial, legal, business and government.

“DMAs strong commitment to superior solutions for the video conversion market is directly in line with Microtech’s continued efforts to bring cost-effective production solutions like the Xpress XL, to the digital video market. Today’s announcement solidifies our joint, go-to-market strategy,” stated Corwin Nichols, Founder and President of Microtech Systems.

About Microtech Systems

Microtech is a world leader in robotic CD and DVD disc production systems; driving the growth and sustainability of in-house disc production. Microtech’s automated publishing systems enable companies to produce on-demand CDs and DVDs with customized digital content, saving valuable human resources thus improving a business’ bottom line. Microtech products meet the needs of small and large business around the world. For more information contact:

Microtech Systems Sales & Marketing

About Digital Media Applications

Digital Media Applications was formed in 2003 to bring to market RocketDVD Professional, a unique and innovative DVD authoring application. The company is made up of industry professionals with backgrounds in DVD Authoring, Video and Network Storage, Video Streaming, Video Conferencing and Video Production. We’ve used our years of experience and industry knowledge to produce RocketDVDProfessional, the first DVD creation system to incorporate high level DVD Authoring features like; custom menus, custom chaptering, motion menus, variable text fields etc. in a fully automated DVD Authoring and Production solution. Please check out our products page for more information.

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