Providing Professional Quality Media Printing at the Industry’s Lowest Cost-Per-Disc!

BELMONT, CA – April 18, 2007 – Microtech Systems, a world leading developer of CD/DVD/BD media publishing and printing technology, today announced the introduction of their new Xstreamjet inkjet media printing solution. A cost-effective stand-alone or integrated media printing solution, the Xstreamjet leverages new advances in inkjet technology to provide the highest resolution production and smudge-proof, water-resistant media prints, in the industry’s lowest cost-per-disc solution.

Microtech’s Xstreamjet enables the most cost-efficient, professional quality printing for in-house media production by providing options for either six separate ink cartridges or a continuous supply with a bulk ink (CIS) option. Both options optimize media printing costs with the individual cartridge option providing up to 400 full-coverage disc prints per cartridge-set and individual color cartridge replacement for a more efficient use of ink. The bulk ink (CIS) option provides a continuous ink supply for up to 2500 full-coverage disc prints before ink replenishment is required and up to 28,000 disc prints with the addition of a bulk ink kit refill, enabling an industry-leading print cost of $.03 per disc.

“The Xstreamjet was designed to leverage the latest advances in inkjet production, resolution and print permanence, for the industry’s most cost-efficient printing solution,” stated Corwin Nichols, Founder and President of Microtech Systems. “It is compatible with all of our publishing solutions, new and old, and provides superior quality and performance with five-color (+ black), water-proof print production and 60 – 15 second print times for high quality and draft performance modes.”

An industrial-strength printing solution designed for heavy-duty use and long-life, the Xstreamjet provides permanent media printing with water-resistant media and can be paired with almost any media publishing technology or Microtech’s Xpress Series of CD/DVD/BD publishing solutions. Together, the Microtech Xstreamjet printer and Xpress Series publishing system make for a powerful and cost-effective solution for in-house media production, duplication, printing and distribution.

The Xstreamjet media printing solution is currently available through Microtech’s Channel of distributors and resellers. For more information, visit: XstreamJet Disc Printer or call Microtech Systems at 800.223.3693.

About Microtech Systems

Microtech is a world leader in robotic CD/DVD/BD disc production systems; driving the growth and sustainability of in-house disc production. Microtech’s automated publishing systems enable companies to produce on-demand CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray media with customized digital content, saving valuable human resources thus improving a business’ bottom line. Microtech products meet the needs of small and large business around the world. For more information contact:

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